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Carolyn Mackedanz - Lead Vocals, Harmony Vocals Sweet Siren Band Caitlin McSweeney
(Lead Vocals, Harmony Vocals)

Caitlin's strong and soulful singing style is the base of the band's sound. Her playful attitude, quick wit, and personal appeal make her an entertaining and visual front person. Before joining forces with Sweet Siren, Caitlin has a lifetime of singing experience and has previously spent four years in the St. Cloud State University Choir as a soprano section leader, and also has ten years of competitive dance experience. The broad experience of music stylings and venues brings a seasoned and talented asset to the group.
Jeff Schreiner - Guitar, Lead Vocals, Harmony Vocals Sweet Siren Band Jeff Schreiner
(Guitar, Lead Vocals, Harmony Vocals)

Jeff's guitar playing and vocals play a large part in the band's overall sound. Jeff has been a band leader for many years. His energy and professionalism carries through to everyone on stage with him. Jeff has played the 5-state area and has been involved in several studio recording projects. His vast experience in the music business, and vision of what will be the most sought-after entertainment, is at the root of the band’s success.
Scott Gunderson - Keyboard, Saxophone, Lead Vocals, Harmony Vocals Sweet Siren Band Adam Daniel
(Keyboard, Harmonica, Vocals)

Adam is a formally-trained musician who received a performance degree from Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN. His vast understanding and passion for various styles of music has connected him with countless musical acts touring throughout the United States and even performing internationally. His extensive studio experience includes 5 full length CD's of original artists and numerous recording sessions. Adam continues to be very active in the Twin Cities musical circuit composing and playing to a full tour calendar of over 200 shows a year. As the newest member of Sweet Siren, Adam is excited to bring his energy and original style to Sweet Siren fans every weekend.
Bruce Streich - Drums for Sweet Siren Band Bruce Streich
(Drums, Vocals)

Bruce was born to play drums, a craft that he has mastered and continues to do today. His energetic style is the heart and soul of the band. Bruce spent 10 years doing studio work for demos, radio spots, and various regional & up and coming artists. He has played the 7-state area with bands such as Heartbeat, Midnight Highway, and Stryker to name a few. Bruce has done it all and now makes his permanent home with Sweet Siren.
    Doug Field - Bass Guitar & Vocals for Sweet Siren Band Doug Field
(Bass Guitar, Vocals)

Doug grew up in St. Cloud. Doug started playing upright bass at the age of ten in his elementary school orchestra. He picked up the bass guitar in high school for the school jazz band. While attending SCSU, Doug played bass inthe college orchestra and the college jazz band. Previous bands that Doug was a member of include: Clear Creek, Powerfish, and Taboo Blue. Doug has appeared on four Taboo Blue albums (CDs). Doug's bass playing is the glue that keeps it all together.
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